What was Arizona like in the 1800s?

I was recently doing my family tree,
And some of my family moved to arizona from england
What kind of people would theese have been?
Would they have claimed land an built a house etc?
Any info will be intresting
If it helps it was after 1830 but before 1880 cant remember exactly :/
Sorry but thabks

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During that time Arizona was a territory of the United States. The most common people were pioneers who traveled for a variety of reasons. They would have found a patch of suitable land and settled down there.

Arizona was the wild west back then, and in a lot of ways it’s the wild west now.

A lot of miners who did not strike it rich in California went to Arizona for the gold rush of 1858 along with an influx of foreign emigrants. If your ancestors were not involved in farming and ranching then they were possibly involved in the mining industry in some capacity (either working the mines or providing goods and services for miners).

Most people on the American frontier whether they were Americans or foreign emigres were tough as nails, hard workers, and generally god fearing people. They had to be tough, hard workers or they would die.

Good luck.

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