Jan Brewer, Arizona is not racial profiling?

But lets get real, would the police stop a white, blond person as an 'illegal'? Anyone who looks Hispanic will be stopped!! Imagine this if you can. Arizona a spanish word, inhabited first by mexicans and Native Americans.. now it has come to this.. Puerto rico better wake up.. if it becomes a state the puertoricans will be subjected to the same treatment.. it is how the West was won!!

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How does one look hispanic?

Not all illegal immigrants are from Mexico.

If the person dressed as an average American, spoke English fluently, and carried themselves properly likely they wouldn’t be bothered. However if you look like a ragtag type, don’t speak English, and don’t seem to act much like an American then heck yah they will check you.

When more then 94% of illegal aliens are of Latino ethnicity and 90% are Mexican do you call the racial profiling or just common sense? If a store is robbed and its said that its believed the suspect wore glass’s, was under 5′, and male…. is that bad profiling people with glass’s, sexist profiling because male, or hate profiling short people? Or just common sense? But if that suspect is black or hispanic then all of a sudden its racial profiling against the poor minority when its clearly stated that its believed the suspect fell into a specific group….

They do not stop someone for ” looking illegal”. The person has to have committed a crime or offense to be stopped and once they are stopped they can be asked to confirm their residency status. Why would you have a problem with that?

It happens already.

I’ve seen it. Anyone not lily-white gets carded. I cussed at TPD when I saw them do this! Street people get it, too. I stood and defended them, you do not need an ID just to walk a city street, TPD had even even Told me this.

The border patrol also hassled my bus in Wichita! This is illegal; border stops illegal so far from the border.Look it up. They hassled , again, anyone not lily white. Even spoke to them in Spanish. Maybe they spoke Portuguese? Or Italian? Or Lebanese? Or Ukrainian?

Double Standards are everywhere.

Don’t listen to dickhead Dupnik; he is senile and was just reading off a cop procedure book when he said on KGUN news yesterday: ” cops profile by Behavior, not race”. It is not true in Practice, he is just covering his ass on the air.

EDIT: “Look Hispanic?” Just not lily white. You can dress like Ricky Ricardo and still get hassled.

Yet I have seen Mexican citizens in Mazatlan with red/blonde hair. blue/green eyes, fair skin! They were of European descent, but would still be illegal aliens , too, if crossed border w/o papers.

The law pertains to those whom the police stop for OTHER reasons of suspicious activity. It is after THAT point that ANYONE including those with brown skin could be asked to prove they are here legally.

Why do you have a problem with SUSPECTED CRIMINALS having to then prove they are in the country legally, which in turn would be ANOTHER crime?

If they stop a white, blond person for a traffic offense or any other reason, you bet your a55 they ask for ID.

Right up front.

Why should anyone have the right to not produce ID?

Arizona IS racial profiling, like they should be doing. Right now, we have an illegal immigration problem. And most of those illegal immigrants are from Mexico! So it only makes sense to look out for Mexican looking people. If Mexicans were white with blonde hair, Arizona would racially profile them.

How is it wrong to not want people to come in illegally?

If we allowed illegals to come in the US illegally, they wouldn’t have to pay taxes like you. But they get free roads, free education, and sometimes free healthcare. That’s not fair

No, Jan Brewer is not racial profiling. Illegal has no “race” to profile.

Common sense isn’t all that common among liberals. In a state with illegal immigration problems that borders Mexico, there isn’t a very good likelihood illegal aliens are going to be white or black. Racial profiling isn’t wrong, its common sense.

Also if Arizona was under Mexican control, Mexico would crack down on illegal immigration much harder than the US is. The Mexican southern border makes the US’s southern border look like a joke.

Indians never had a country. They had no central government. No standing army. No sense of nationalism. They were divided tribes with no national borders. Europeans settled in the Americas legitimately as the land wasn’t officially occupied.

You have a HUGE misconception about “racial profiling” and likewise have yourself stereotyped every law enforcement officer by stating that law enforcement is going to use profiling to make arrests.

In my opinion….YOU are the one who is profiling by saying that cops are now going to stop people solely on the basis of their ethnic background!

My fellow law enforcement officers maintain an extremely high level of credibility and integrity compared to any other profession based upon the number of officers throughout the nation!

What are you worried about? If you can’t dye your hair and splash on some layers of make up you are in trouble. Just like every other American female. Thanks for the two points

Puertorricans are not illegal inmigrants so if an officer stops one he/she, just like any citizen just give the ofiicer good morning, good afternoon, or good night and ask What is the problem? or How I can help you?

The officer wants to see the driving license? OK, here is it. Anything else?

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