Did you know that Fast Furious was an extension of the Bush Admin operation called Gun Walkers?

and that the Obama Admin along with the AFT, FBI and Homeland security disbanded the operation when they decided it was not only not working, but too dangerous to continue?

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If your messiah disbanded it, how could Fast and Furious have been an extension of it?

Not true it was a new program started by Holder and the ATF.

Not the same program – - not the same deception as we’re seeing now. Obama is president – it’s on him now.

Check your facts.

Bush’s guns had trackers in them. 1700 were arrested as a result. When the bad guys figured out the trackers, they discontinued the program in 2007.

Obama’s operation left the trackers out. They simply wanted to supply guns to the bad guys.

You can’t put this one to rest. There will be jail time.

Which again leads back to the question: Then what is he trying to hide/

Gun Walkers was sanctioned by both the Mexican and US government, Fast and Furious was not.

The idea was to draw out high ranking drug cartel people. When Obama’s Administration took it over, it became called Fast and Furious. However, it was decided that it was not working and was to be stopped.

The ATF, FBI and Homeland Security along with the Justice Dept. held a conference whereby it was stated in no uncertain terms that the program was to be ended….all agreed.

However, the Head of the Arizona Field Office of the ATF decided he could not draw out these cartel leaders without the action of Fast and Furious, so he and he alone decided HE and HIS people would continue with it. It was rumored this was going on and Eric Holders office investigated. At that time the investigators were assured it was NOT going on and reported their findings to Holder. Holder then notified the Congressional Committee who had requested the investigation that there was, according to all accounts, NO Fast and Furious taking place.

Some time later, one of those persons involved in the illegal operation was killed. It was found at that time that there was INDEED a Fast and Furious program being carried out by the rouge actions of the Arizona ATF Head Field Officer. Eric Holder immediately began an in depth investigation in which there are deep undercover agents in Mexico.

It is the names and operations of that investigation and undercover operatives that Darryl Issa is insisting Holder give him. Holder has given him EVERYTHING else and has known all along everything that Holders office has known. It is simply in this election year that Issa has decided he would require the information he KNOWS Holder cannot give him. Were Holder to give him what he is insisting he have, people’s lives would be placed in jeopardy.

However, in this political move, Issa is attempting to do two things. 1) to dirty Holder by this dastardly move to have him censured as in Contempt of Congress (a vote by the way, that was only voted on as yeah, by Republicans) 2) an attempt to take Holders “mind off” the illegal actions of Republican Governors trying to purge names from the voting roles within a 90 day window making it in direct violation of the Voting Rights Act.

Republicans are spinning this in a totally false manner in order to gain politically. Just another example of the Republicans putting their political party above both the truth and the good of the Nation. And even more sadly, the people who listen only to FOX and Right Pundits believe the spin hook, line and sinker.


And when you read the details about it, it is obvious it was done by some lone wackos in the ATF office in Arizona – you know, AZ politics. How funny they are trying to link AZ with the Obama administration. They are worlds apart!

The truth is slapping you in the face & you’re still blaming Bush?
I don’t care who did it, I want justice.

no two separate programs..once again I EASILY discredit and destroy Liberal Lie/ Spin..where is the challenge

Did you know that it wasn’t an extension? It was a completely seperate operation with completely different tactics?

The Bush administration program followed the illegal gun buyers to their cartel contacts and arrested both. The Obama administration program did NOTHING after the guns were purchased, they just let them get run into Mexico.

And the Obama administration didn’t cancel it because it was dangerous, the ATF agent on the ground were screaming for the process to be changed or the program to be stopped and the Obama administration ignored them. No.. the Obama administration didn’t cancel it until it became a public scandal.

Not even close to being the same thing.

Un true!

it was called Operation:Wide Receiver. And Holder and the ATF renamed it and took it over.

Research much?

Un true!

it was called Operation:Wide Receiver. And Holder and the ATF renamed it and took it over.

Research much?

Did you know the 0bama administraion agreed with the program and carried it out?

Obama is really good at blaming Bush.

If what you propose is true, why has Obama invoked ‘executive privilege” for his administrations involvement in “fast and furious”.

Does the name Brian Terry mean anything to you? That’s the name of the Federal Agent kill in Mexico with on of the weapons Obama’s BATF allowed to reach drug dealers in Mexico.

Are you talking about Operation Wide Receiver?


It’s my understanding that it was ended in 2007 – 2 years before Fast and Furious began. It’s also my understanding that the previous sting operation was actually monitored via microchips in the guns, planes, and ATF agents. The Mexican government was also informed of the operation. It led to over 1400 arrests…. I don’t think I agree with our government giving weapons out to criminals in any capacity. But it’s clear that the FF program lacked the security measures of Wide Receiver.

francesca,gw provided for hundreds of firearms each tagged with a microship to track the path of travel,supposing to catch drug lords plyiong their trade,,the buzzards found the drilled in,implanted chips,& the program was discontinued,,no loss of life,zero fatalites location,done IN CLOSE CONCERT los federales mejicanos,

,,f2f ,WHO PUT IT TOGETHER,(holder??,obama??,he signed off on it & lied about knowing about it,holder perjured himself),it was intended to cause what happened,a crime wave,200 deaths,what was central was the obamistas CONCEALING their involvement
as enablers/instigators in 200 murders
blame bush
you are battihs crazy kiddo
obama lied
holder lied agent terry & 200 lah teenos died

The Mexico Knew about and was part of the Bush administration plan which was short lived and ended.

They did not know and were not part of the Obama Holder Fast and Furious plan.

There are over 1,500 automatic weapons from Fast and Furious still killing Mexicans in Mexico today.

There have been 137 crime scenes where these guns have been taken out of the hands of dead cartel soldiers. Several hundred innocent Mexican civilians, Women and Children have been killed at these 137 crime scenes.

Over 12,000 Mexicans (sheriffs, politicians, soldiers, families, civilians) have died in the Drug wars in Mexico.

Obama and Holder without telling Mexico delivered those 2020 automatic weapons directly into the hands of those Cartels who have been using them since..

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